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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a process, which involves the dentist removing teeth. Although most people are understandably nervous before hand, done properly it is a relatively quick and pain-free procedure.
Dentists decide to remove teeth for a variety of reasons, the most common being teeth becoming too decomposed to fill, or teeth growing in the incorrect place causing pain and stress on other teeth. Not removing teeth when it is necessary can lead to further problems such as gum disease, other teeth can become infected and abscess. Another reason that tooth extraction may be necessary and inevitable, is if tooth decay or damage gets to the pulp of the tooth, and bacteria from the mouth does enter the pulp of the tooth and cause infection. The pulp of the tooth is the very center of the tooth and it contains nerves and blood vessels. Usually, when this happens, the dentist can use root canal therapy to correct the problem most times. Nonetheless, if the infection does prove to be too severe, and antibiotics/root canal therapy do fail. The only other course of action is a total tooth extraction. Tooth extraction happens in order to avoid the infection spreading itself.
If you need to have a tooth removed Dr. Payne will discuss the proper treatment and what the procedure will entail. You may also require an x- ray of your teeth so she can see how the teeth are placed below the gum.

Tooth extraction San Jose

There is a variety of methods a dentist can use to make sure that the patient experiences minimum discomfort while the procedure is carried out. Most commonly used is a local anesthetic injected into the mouth to numb the area around the tooth. Sedation can be offered alongside a local anesthetic to help nervous patients, or patients needing a lot of work. In extreme cases, teeth can be removed under general anesthetic while the patient is completely unconscious.
When the patients mouth becomes numb Dr. Payne will begin the extraction. Firstly the tooth will be cracked so it is easier to remove, then she will gently extract the tooth from the mouth with a plier like instrument. Once the tooth has been fully removed she will then clean and possibly pack the wound, after ensuring nothing has been left in the gum.
Afterward Dr. Payne will advise you about allowing the wound to clot and the importance of trying no to disturb the healing process. You will also be informed on how to keep the site clean to avoid signs of infection. Antibiotics may also be required.
Although it maybe a slightly unpleasant experience for some the benefits of having this work done are really worth it, you greatly reduce the risk of further infection within your mouth and possibly losing all your teeth. All pain from that tooth will be removed and there will be no source of possible bad breath. Dr. Payne will discuss pain relief option so you don’t have to worry that you will be in discomfort and will be able to return to work the next day if needed.
Finding a trustworthy dentist who has expert skills can be a daunting task. A fully recommended professional is Dr. Payne, a fully qualified dentist who offers quality treatment and excellent patient care.

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