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Root Canal

Many of us associate root canal treatment with pain and suffering the moment the term “Root Canal” is mentioned. In some ways, this association has some merit, but not because of the treatment itself. In fact, root canal treatment is offered to stop swelling, pain and the associated suffering that comes with a toothache. Here is all you need to know about a root canal, the reasons why this treatment might be your best solution and what happens during the treatment.

What is a Root Canal?

Root Canal is an anatomical term used to describe the tiny hollow found within the tooth that extends from the tip of the root of the tooth to the center of the crown. The tooth’s nerve network, blood vessels, and soft connective tissue are the components that fill up this natural space inside the tooth. These components keep the tooth healthy and nourished.

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Why Some Teeth Need Root Canal Treatment

Tooth decays sometimes affects the internal soft tissue and gets them inflamed. This inflammation causes pain since the tissue has many nerves in it. The pain can sometimes be severe especially when the infection becomes a full-blown abscess.

Here are the things that cause infection or inflammation inside a tooth’s root canal.
A fracture or crack in the tooth A lost filling, Decay, Trauma to the tooth
The trauma can be caused by an impact from an accident, a sporting injury or repeated fillings done over the years and cavities.

A dentist will have to diagnose the cause if the inside of your tooth becomes infected or inflamed. The checkup also helps the doctor determine the extent to which the tooth has been infected. In most cases, treatments such as sedative dressings, fillings or even a crown may help your tooth heal from the infection or the inflammation.
In some instances, the infection or inflammation may be too severe or widespread throughout the root canal for the above treatments to work. If that is the case, the tooth will have to be diagnosed as being irreversibly infected or inflamed. This now calls for two treatment options available to remove the main source of the pain:

1. Extraction. This means that the entire tooth has to be removed.
2. The entire content of the tooth’s root canal system can also be removed.

In order to understand the risks and benefits of each treatment, it is recommended that you consult Dr. Payne who will help you determine the best treatment option for you. She is also known to be the best in San Goze & Los Gatos area and has performed a numerous successful root canal treatments.

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