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Full Mouth Reconstruction

The different organs making up the mouth – the teeth, gums, and jaw muscles not only affect each other but may also contribute to headaches and migraines, muscle pains, muscle tenderness and back pain among other things. Where such problems arise, full mouth reconstructions are recommended to rectify all the underlying problems.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction involves comprehensive or partial cosmetic, restorative, and neuromuscular procedures. The procedures are administered as is necessary to ensure there is comfort and proper coordination in the mouth and to prevent future oral conditions.  Owing to the complexity of the procedure, several dental specialists such as orthodontists and prosthodontics may be involved.

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Who qualifies for full mouth reconstruction?

There are several factors that may necessitate full mouth reconstruction. They include:

• People involved in accidents or with injuries to the mouth

• People with several missing or broken teeth

• People experiencing chronic pain in the jaw and a popping or clicking sensation

• People experiencing toothaches complemented by migraines, back pain, and muscle tenderness

To ascertain that you qualify for the procedure, the dentist will perform a comprehensive check-up and may refer you to other specialists for shared insight.

Procedures for full mouth reconstructions

Some of the procedures involved with a full mouth reconstruction include:

• Restorative treatments

This is the groundwork – it involves installing the inlays and onlays and adding dental crowns, fillings and bridges where necessary.

• Periodontal treatment

This involves, among other things, periodontal surgery, root planning, and scaling.

• Oral surgery

This may involve grafting the soft and hard tissue, extracting teeth, and root canal therapy.

• Implant dentistry

This resolves the problem of missing teeth. Here, the dentist will replicate the different types of missing teeth from the root to the crown and attach them to the gums. This may involve the whole mouth or a few teeth.

• Cosmetic dentistry

The numerous procedures associated with cosmetic dentistry all endeavor to give the teeth a bright, fresh, and appealing look. This may involve teeth whitening, re-contouring the gums, and dental bonding among other things.

• Orthodontics

Here, accessories such as braces, retainers, and spacers may be used to ensure the new set of teeth establishes itself firmly and precisely in the mouth.

• TMD treatment

This helps to correct problems related to the jaws and consequently the bite. The procedure mostly involves rectifying problems in the temporomandibular joints.

full mouth reconstruction San Jose

Owing to the numerous procedures involved, full mouth reconstruction may span several days and even a few months in cases where comprehensive reconstruction is undertaken. As such, it is important to prepare thoroughly beforehand and to solicit the services of an accomplished and experienced expert. Dr. Payne has done full mouth reconstruction for people that have been involved in car accidents that had lost all their teeth. Patients with different dental issues have visited her across northern California to undergo full mouth rehabilitation.  She uses high-quality porcelain and works with top dental labs to ensure her work that use durable materials when designing your smile.

To get the best dental care for your full mouth reconstructions, make sure you consult Dr. Payne, a reputable dental expert with the vast experience and numerous bright smiles in her portfolio.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Los Gatos

The mouth being the most sensitive part of your face and also the most conspicuous since it says a lot about you. Most individuals tend to judge their looks from the shape of their mouth and considering the dental formula. Dental alignment gives your face a definite shape; therefore without teeth your face would have a hollow and sunken look.
Reasons to have a full mouth reconstruction

Massive teeth decay; this would automatically lead to a reconstruction since eating food in that condition is practically impossible.
Fractures on teeth; fractured and broken teeth will not be able to serve their purpose therefore a reconstruction would come in handy.
Excessive corrosion of teeth by acid; if your teeth have been corroded by acid from the stomach, food and beverages a reconstruction is advisable since most of the teeth is dysfunctional.
Difficulty while biting or chewing; this is often as a result of poor alignment of the teeth therefore chewing and biting becomes a hard task resulting to the patient having headaches and jaw pains.
For aesthetic purposes; this is done mostly by people who want to enhance their looks since they believe that their teeth make them look ugly. This process is known as a smile makeover.

The process for a full mouth reconstruction
A full mouth reconstruction is not something you just self diagnose not unless it’s for aesthetic purposes. A complete reconstruction has a number of steps and processes that the dentist needs to perform. The dentist first evaluates the health of your teeth, jaw and gums before carrying out any procedures yet. By examining these features the dentist can then recommend what is required as a treatment procedure. The full mouth reconstruction is a lengthy procedure and can take up to a whole year. The best part of it is the frequent office visits which ensure nothing goes wrong before full recovery.
Types of treatments
The types of treatment are recommended by your doctor depending on your needs;

Scaling and root planning; this normally is recommended if the patient has periodontal gum disease. The reconstruction will help you get strong teeth.
Tooth filling and root canal treatment; this is mostly done to corroded and partially broken teeth.
Mouth guard or night guard; this is a temporary treatment and helps stop your teeth from grinding on one another and thus reduces breakage and fracturing of the teeth.
Veneers; these are made mostly from ceramic and are placed permanently.
Dental crown; these are placed on corroded teeth whose enamel has been exposed.
Dental braces; these help the teeth keep firm and not dislocate other teeth from their position.
Teeth whitening; this is mostly done for aesthetic purposes and the best smile makeover.

As you trying to make a decision on what to do with that annoying dental alignment please consult with a trusted professional dentist so that the results can be excellent. Dr. Payne is one of the most skilled dentists and any treatment required for your mouth he will offer the best solutions. If you are looking for any consultations about your dental needs choose DR. Payne and all your needs will be met with full satisfaction.

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