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Dental Crown Los Gatos

Why you need a dental crown Los Gatos specialist?

Your smile is your most precious possession. So, anything that affects it can cause loss of prestigious, self-esteem, and even affects your chances of getting a job. That’s why if anything happens to your teeth or jaw has far-reaching consequences. You need the services of a quality dentist like Dr. Payne who has many years of experience dealing the problems that occur to people’s mouths. Sports are a major cause of tooth injuries, accidents at work rate a close second, with beautification rounding out the trio.

Crowns are one way to restore or beautify your smile and you’ll see why in a moment.

Dental crown Los gatos

Why have crowns put in any way?

If your tooth is chipped or cracked for whatever reason, a crown is a great way to repair the damage and bring your smile back to its normal condition and beauty. If also your tooth has suffered, decay or has been rebuilt, as a result it is now weakened would also make it a good candidate for a crown. Of cause if you want that gleaming Hollywood smile you’ve seen in the movies or at the last Oscar presentation, it is almost minatory to have crowns put in to give the right effect that light up a room when you smile. Crowns themselves are relatively easy to put in and often can take only an hour or two of your time. They are now made of many different materials. Some new synthetics imported from Japan have been shown to be stronger that the original materials that your original teeth are made of. However many prefer ceramic crowns that are more traditional and give years of trouble smiles and strengthen weakened teeth.

In a third group of crowns are the ones made of precious metals and are often used by those who want to make a fashion statement as well as improve or restore their smile. So, as you can see there are various reasons why you want to have a crown or crowns put in. There is also a plethora of new space age materials as well to choose from besides the few we have mentioned. With these new materials, the prices have come down markedly and many insurance companies now cover the cost of beautification procedure.

You need to consult with Dr. Payne by calling his office where his courteous and highly trained staff of dental experts can give you the complete story procedure, materials, and options. They also can tell you about the different pricing methods that are available to pay for either restoration or beautification.

Why Dr. Payne?
Dr. Payne has worked in Los Gatos for a number of years now. She has gotten to know the area and its residents. She is your neighbor who knows your needs as well as the things that can happen here that can mar your smile beauty. She is specialized in restoration and has made it his life’s work to restore the smiles of those in the area and help those who want to get a better life, which a beautiful smile opens, the door of opportunity. So if you need to have your teeth or a single tooth restored. Perhaps you want to have a better smile when you look in the mirror. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Dr. Payne at (408) 912-7555

A Smile is your most valuable possession. Don’t trust anyone to work on it.

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