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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is basically a “cap” that resembles a tooth and is used to encase the visible portion of the tooth at the gum line level. It acts as a cover and helps to restore its appearance, strength, shape, and size. A dental crown can also be used over an implant to give a tooth like form and structure for proper function.

Dental Crowns San Jose

>h1>Dental crowns San Jose is mostly recommended when:

There is a need to replace a large filling without enough tooth structure to hold it.

A weak tooth is to be protected from fracturing.

There is a need to attach a bridge.

A tooth is fractured. Placing a dental implant.

A badly shaped tooth or discolored tooth needs to be covered.

A tooth is root canal treated.

Sometimes, a crown is used on baby teeth (primary teeth) in children.  A stainless steel crown is recommended in such pediatric cases. This is done in order to:

Protect the teeth that have a higher risk of tooth decay.
Save a tooth, that has decayed and cannot support to hold a filling.
Lower the rate of general anesthesia in children, due to their young age, behavior or any medical history that needs full cooperation to meet the requirements of proper care.

How are crowns made?

Crowns are made up of different materials, of which Porcelain and ceramic are mostly used, as they closely match the color of your natural teeth. Gold and other metal alloys, ceramic and acrylic are stronger than porcelain and mostly recommended for posterior teeth. When Porcelain is used bonded over a metal shell, it serves to be both strong and esthetic.

A crown is made after a tooth (or teeth) is reduced in size so that it can fit over it correctly. After the tooth is prepared, an impression is made that provides a mold exactly for the crown. Incase porcelain crown is to be used; your dentist will determine the correct shade for the crown to match your natural teeth. The impression is then used to make your crown in the dental lab with the material that your dentist specifies. Till then a temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth while a permanent one is being made. After the permanent crown is ready, the temporary one is removed and the permanent crown is cemented over the prepared tooth/ teeth.

Zirconia or milled crowns that have become famous nowadays are an advanced type of crowns that require no impressions. These are digitally constructed using a software and hardware in a dental lab. Dental offices that have this facility have the ability to produce a crown in just one visit without the need for a temporary crown being fixed.

Porcelain crowns San Jose

Dental crowns can last a lifetime, but they do sometimes become loose and fall out. To ensure its longevity, practicing good oral hygiene and taking special care is very important. To prevent any damage to the crown, avoid chewing hard stuff or ice and follow up with regular dental checkups. If you are looking for a perfect smile and high-quality dental crowns, Dr. Payne is one of the best in San Goze & Los Gatos area to help you attain your dental care needs and provides the top of the line patient care satisfaction.


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